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troff -mcolor [ options ] file ...


mcolor is a macro package for color selection and reverse video printing on PostScript printers. The package is compatible with most existing macro packages and includes the following macro:
.CL color text Prints text in color. No arguments restores the default color (black in RGB color space). If text is omitted the selected color remains in effect until another color is selected. If two arguments are given the text is printed in color and then the default color is restored.

Both the text and background color can be selected. A color argument of ''color1 on color2'' prints text in color1 on a background in color2 .

Once a color is in effect, it is re-installed at the top of each output page.

Arbitrary PostScript color parameters can be set by using color arguments like

red green blue rgb
  e.g. '.CL ".2 .3 .4 rgb"'
hue saturation brightness hsb
  e.g. '.CL ".5 .6 .7 hsb"'
cyan magenta yellow black cmyk
  e.g. '.CL ".1 .2 .3 .4 cmyk"'
gray setgray
  e.g. '.CL ".5 setgray"'
[$setcolorspace] comp1 comp2 ... compn setcolor
  where $setcolorspace may be a PostScript procedure defined in the setup section using a '\X'PSSetup: $setcolorspace { ... } bind def'' escape sequence. This parameter is required if the color space changes in the document. Otherwise, it may be sufficient to install the color space once in the setup section.

Each parameter must be a number in the range between 0.0 and 1.0. In the most general case, the value of the color argument is passed uninterpreted to the PostScript output.

Named colors (RGB only) must be listed in the ''colordict'' dictionary in file /usr/ucblib/doctools/font/devpost/postscript/




troff(1B), dpost(1)


Use of the .CL macro is not always appropriate since it may (as every macro) result in added spaces. The \X'SetColor: color' can also be used directly to avoid this; its color argument has exactly the same syntax as the first argument to .CL, e.g. '\X'SetColor: .2 .3 .4 rgb''.

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